Radio Communication Systems

Communication Expert

We design and manufacture the technology to connect your mission critical tasks.

Our Radio Communication Solutions offer secure and reliable business critical and mission critical communications designed to be cost effective and scalable. We can provide a tailor made solution to meet the needs of different markets and customers.

Kirisun Radio Communication Solutions

Sectoral Solutions

With sectoral deep experience we offer integrated radio communication solutions for Public Safety, OIL & GAS, Private Security, Transportation, Utilities, Energy, Mining and Ports.

Our communications service provider customers support more than 100K subscriptions with our radio networks, and our enterprise customers have deployed over 500 industrial business critical and mission critical networks in region.


Deliver the extraordinary

We offer full line of DMR Portable, Mobile, Base Station, Systems and Software Applications. DMR is a fully public, open standard backed by a huge variety of suppliers. Through this users have both the security of supply and the advantages of continuous, competitive development. DMR keeps you ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


Mission Critical Industrial Grade Communications

Kirisun mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, oil & gas, transportation and mining connect your operations and ensure a highresolution perspective of your networks and operations for revolutionary efficiencies. We Provide digital radio communication connectivity for your mission critical tasks.

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